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Linda Robson Leads the Petition Aim at Protecting Bingo

On March 5, 2007, bingo players in Britain led by actress Linda Robson joined together to petition the government, asking to stop making policies that will affect the condition and performance of the bingo industry in Britain.

There are about 200 bingo clubs in Britain under the threat of closure due to many outside influences, like the smoking ban, unreasonable taxes and legislation. The campaign is named "Stop Destroying My Bingo". Linda Robson commented that people must act now because the livelihood of many people has been threatened by what is happening in the bingo industry.

Robson said that Bingo is not just a game, it has become the second home of a lot of players, as well as a favorite past time and form of bonding for a lot of players. In addition, she said that she, her mother and her daughter also play the game of bingo once a week and she has many good memories that are connected with bingo herself.

Additionally, the group stated that bingo halls are always at the bad end of every deal like the unreasonable taxes, which is much higher than the taxes imposed on other games. The smoking ban has also inflicted a lot of damage on the financial status of the bingo industry.

About 20 bingo halls have already closed down across Britain and it is expected that more will be closing down permanently unless something can be done to prevent it. In closing, Linda Robson added that Bingo is facing its toughest challenge yet. To keep Bingo around for future players, something must be done now.


Sunday, April 01, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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