Queer Bingo Seeks Full Gaming License

The Organizers of the fundraiser "Queer Bingo" have put on hold the event so that they can prepare to receive the full gaming license from the Lottery Commission.

The Queer Bingo Fundraiser will benefit the Houston GLBT Community and is expected to restart on August 19. The successful fundraiser has drawn very large crowds since its launch almost six months ago.

The event is hosted by Community Center Officials and local drag entertainers and each event is presented in a particular theme. The prizes range from $50 dollars to $500 dollars.

The main beneficiary for said event would be the local community center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens of the community. The Community Center also serves as a meeting place for the organizations since 1986.

The Community Center officials have to apply for a gaming license from the Texas Lottery Commission because cash awards are presented by the organization to the players. Christopher Bown, Community Center President, said that there is a long process that an organization must go through in order to obtain a license so they are postponing the fundraiser for a while. One of the reasons would be that they need to spend time in Austin and attend some classes which are needed for the licensing.

According to Brown the Lottery Commission will send someone to inspect the facility of the Community Center and the Center would not be able to complete the required paperwork until July 15 so they really needed the time to accomplish all of it.

He also added that they have to postponed their operations for a while until their permanent license is release because their temporary license is only good for a six month operation.

According to the Lottery Commission's official website in which the Bingo Enabling Act can be found, any charity organization that wants to operate bingo on a daily basis or on a single occasion in a legalized area must first apply for a license to the Commission to conduct Charitable Bingo operations.

According to the Lottery Commission Officials, the Bingo Enabling Act was created to provide non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds for their projects by conducting bingo.

The Bingo Enabling Act also says the organization must meet criteria that "Determine that all charitable bingo funds are used for a lawful purpose. Promote and maintain the integrity of the charitable bingo industry throughout Texas."


Monday, July 24, 2006
Danny Hudson

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