Seniors Indicted on Bingo Fraud Charges in Kentucky

During the first week of March four seniors were indicted on charges of tax avoidance and plotting a scheme to deceive the US government. The four were accused of not reporting $782,000 in revenues to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that were supposedly made by stealing profits from a local charity bingo operation. The four pleaded "not guilty" to all charges during the preliminary hearing.

The lawyers of the group, aged from 60 to 65, have responded to many replies by online bingo sites that their clients are not guilty and all their bingo dealings have harmed no one and that their tax reports are "flawless".

The trial of the four senior bingo players had been set to the 1st of May with one aim – to determine if the four have collaborated with aim to deceive the US government or perhaps they are just "tragic victims of the system" as they lawyers expressed in front of online bingo reporters.

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Christian Mitchell - Journalist

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