Weezer's Guitarist Contribute to a Rock n' Roll Bingo Charity Event

During last week's Rock n' Roll Bingo charity event Scott Shriner have performed as the bingo caller and announced winning numbers all along the evening with Brian Ray, Paul McCartney's band's guitarist. The two volunteered for the Rock n' Roll Bingo charity on last Thursday.

The entire evening was devoted for gathering money for Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit organization that works from 2001. The organization finance free music lessons for children, give scholarships for musically-gifted youth and much more.

Rock n' Roll Bingo charity event works to collect charity for other organizations such as Axis of Justice, Food Not Bombs, Red Cross of Las Angeles, Amnesty International, Greenpeace and other charity organizations. During past events many other famous rock-stars have chosen to act as a bingo caller in other nights, figures such as Flea (Red hot Chili Peppers), Tom Morello (Audioslave) and many others. For more information about Rock n' Roll Bingo's charity events you can view their website which can be found at rocknrollbingo.com.

Mark W. Felten, News Editor. 23/2/2006

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