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Buckingham Bingo Company sold for Millions!

The Buckingham Bingo Company was created during the 70's is Preston, there they established its first bingo hall. Soon after they built another bingo hall in Walkden, Greater Manchester at 1974 after appealing to the House of Lord, during this case new regulations were put by the British government, making way for modern bingo clubs. The third bingo hall opened in 1976 in Stretford.

During the next two decades the Buckingham Bingo Company opened new modern bingo halls, and in September 2005 it held the Northwest regional final competition – "Caller of the Year". With such a strong involvement in the bingo industry the company had big revenues, which were donated for local charities foundations.

Buckingham Bingo has more than 2,500,000 visitors every year at their ten bingo clubs, such big figure attracted Alchemy Partners Company, which is based in Manchester and managed by Jon Moulton. This firm has purchased the Buckingham Bingo Company for £90 million last week.

Hopefully this purchase would increase bingo's popularity among the British as Alchemy Partners are more than willing to the challenge of returning the British people to their beloved game, which is suffering from a decline in popularity, more about the issue can be found in our Poker - The New Bingo article.

Neil Hutchison, Editorial Staff, 26/12/05

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