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Bingo Enthusiast on a Winning Streak

You never know when luck will come to you, but for Bingo queen Lisa Galvin, already a mother of three kids, it had come already too many times as she hits her second big win this year of a staggering 100,000 UK Pounds after already winning more than 1,000 UK Pounds in total prizes.

Charmed mum Lisa Galvin, 38 years old, will be moving to a new home with her family, located in Hoddesdon, from their old place at Enfield. Lisa Galvin won her money from from the Gala Bingo Club Friday, June 30, which is located on Great Cambridge Road in Enfield.

The ecstatic mum, who works as the branch manager for a courier business, was in disbelief after she finished off all 40 number on her bingo card to win the 100,000 UK Pounds prize of the National Bingo Game as well as the Gala Bingo Club Jackpot of UK Pounds 217 pounds.

According to Lisa, who has lived in Enfield for many years now, that it is really good that they will be moving to a better home in Hoddesdon and the money would really be a big help on the mortgage.

Lisa Galvin has a son, who is 17 years old, and two daughters, who are age 9 and 2 years old, and lives with partner Roy Buck. She is also planning a holiday break for her family.

This year, Lisa Galvin has already made some good wins including a 1,000 UK Pounds and a 100 UK Pounds win after that. After winning her biggest jackpot yet, she is looking forward with eager anticipation of moving into their new home in Hoddesdon.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Steve Bowen

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