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Attorney General Dustin McDaniel Issues His Side On Charity Bingo Raffle Games

February 7, 2007, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said that outside groups absolutely cannot be paid to operate both charitable bingo and raffle games that were approved by the voters in Arkansas in a constitutional amendment in November 2006, which coincided with the mid-term elections in the U.S.

Attorney General McDaniel's statement also voiced the concern of the amendment's critics, that it would permit private gambling organizations to run the bingo operations in the state on behalf of the charities that are supposed to be the main beneficiaries of the profits from the bingo games. Arkansas Sen. Steve Faris, the author of the bill which will allow the charitable bingo and raffle games, said that the opinion of the Attorney General will provide the framework for the state legislature so that the games can begin in July 2007.

Faris added that Attorney General McDaniel's opinion made it clear that the interests of private gambling organizations that want to manage charitable bingo and raffle in the state will not be tolerated. He also said that many groups that operate large bingo gaming halls in other states are making some call to the charities in Arkansas, saying that the charities will receive more profits if they will be allowed to manage the bingo games on behalf of the charities.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Danny Hudson

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