Mecca Bingo Greyhound Way Pays Out 20,000 UK Pounds

A bingo enthusiast grandmother's perennial trip to her favorite local bingo hall has proved lucky as she won 20,000 UK Pounds on one of her frequent visits there to play her favorite game.

The lucky player, who is also an animal lover living in Southend, who does not wish to be identified for security reasons, will be using some of her winnings to pamper and cuddle her pets, which are composed of two cats, a parrot and a 14-week old puppy who are her constant companions everyday.

The mother-of-four also said that she is a genuine animal lover, so obviously her pets will get something and benefit greatly from her astounding win. The 60-year old grandmother won her huge cash prize at the Mecca Bingo Club located in Greyhound Way on July 5. She has been a member of the Mecca Bingo Club since the opening of the bingo club.

When asked for her reaction about her amazing big win, she said that she is stunned and can barely concentrate on playing afterwards on her bingo game after the announcement of her win was made because she was shaking so much from the all that has happened.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Danny Hudson

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