Woman Scoops $5000 Jackpot at an Online Bingo Site While Playing from Bathroom

Not many people win a $5,000 jackpot while playing at an online bingo site and none, as for now, has done this with while being in the toilet as happened to Michelle M from Dallas during the 6th of February.

Michelle was playing at Bingohall.com and was participating in a bingo game which the prize for was the daily $5,000 coverall jackpot. While she had four more numbers to hit nature called: "I had four more numbers to go, and I really had to go to the bathroom". Michelle took her laptop with her into the toilet and counted down the remaining numbers all the way from four to zero while sitting on her toilet and won the $5,000 bingo jackpot.

Jon Daley, President of Bingohall.com had commented on this surprising event the following:" We have massive winners on a daily basis, but no one can declare they ever won $5,000 while sitting on their toilet. If Michelle was playing poker and hit a Royal Flush it could have been funnier!"

Mark W. Felten, News Editor. 6/2/2006

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