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Drug Smuggling to Sustain her Bingo Addiction Lands Leticia Vilareal in Prison

Some Bingo players need to get away from the game itself because they become addicted to it and resort to desperate measures in order to pursue their bingo habit. In one case, this even led an elderly woman to become a mule in order to support her habit.

Just get the opinion of Leticia Villareal, a woman whose extreme addiction and preoccupation with bingo led her to this allegedly illegal activity. December 7, 2006, 61 year-old Leticia Villareal, an Arizona native was charged with allegedly trafficking illegal substances, particularly marijuana. Arizona State Troopers found 214 pounds of marijuana stashed away in the trunk of her car in Sienna Vista, Arizona. Before the federal jury convicted her just recently, Villareal said that her only monthly income was around $274 from her welfare check combined with her winnings in bingo games that sometimes reach a $1000.

Prosecutor Doyle Johnstun told the federal jury that the main point in this case is that she has a serious problem, a bingo addiction, which mainly explains why a normally nice and sane person would do such a thing. Leticia Villareal was handed a 3-12 year prison sentence as a consequence of her actions. The whole case may seem laughable at first, but it is one of the most tangible cases that clearly shows what bad judgment can do to the life of an adult.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Karen Jacobs

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