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Bingo Halls in Northwest Indiana Implement Smoking Ban

Starting this week, bingo players and enthusiasts alike can breathe a sigh of relief as the air inside of one of the most frequented and famous bingo "halls" in the area, Lake Station's St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, clears up because of the implementation of the smoking ban.

Patty Ables, who is the bingo co-chairwoman in the area has been told by some of the bingo players and regulars of the bingo halls who smoke that they are not really sure if they could play for a long period of time inside the hall without lighting a cigarette when the new law begins on Friday. But the others assured Patty Ables that they would try to come more often.

One of those who implemented the ban is the St. Michael Catholic School located in Schereville which they started since mid-February of this year. Bingo players who are smokers are prohibited from doing so while they are playing inside St. Michael Catholic School's gymnasium during the scheduled Monday night bingo games.

School officials say they're pleased with their decision and do not regret it, even though some of their regular patrons have disappeared from playing bingo in their gym. On the other hand, Hammond's Fraternal Order of Police Lodge tried to imposed a smoke ban on one of its three weekly bingo nights almost six months ago, but after seeing their attendance at the games dropp to almost 15%, they forfeited the plan.


Saturday, September 23, 2006
Patrick Simons

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