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Bingo Playing Grandmother Found Guilty In Marijuana Case

A grandmother addicted to marijuana was found in possession of a trunk full of the banned substance and convicted of drug running. She will be sentenced accordingly on December 18, 2006. She could spend as much 3-12 years behind bars if convicted. The hapless grandmother sells the drugs in order to support her bingo addiction.

Police officers found about 10 bundles of marijuana, totaling at 214 pounds worth of pot, stashed away in the trunk of Leticia Villareal Garcia's car just last year when they flagged her down outside Bisbee, located in the far southeastern portion of Arizona. Before they convicted her on Thursday, November 30, 2006, 61 year-old Villareal told the jurors that her only regular income was a monthly welfare check of around $275, but she frequently plays a game of bingo and occasionally wins thousands of dollars in prizes. Prosecutor Doyle Johnstun said that Villareal's addiction to bingo became her pitfall.

He added that people who play bingo every night of the week end up losing everything in the end. The issue in this case is that she's got a serious addiction to bingo, which explains why a generally good-natured and kind person might do something as unimaginable as this. The jury rejected Villareal's defense that she was conned into carrying the illegal drugs in her car.


Sunday, May 13, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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