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Friday Bingo Night at ACCA Bingo

The bingo games that will be held at the ACCA this Friday has many prizes, including a jackpot worth $300 dollars in 58 number coverall and special prizes that will appeal to all participants.

ACCA's Fourth of July special events will include "Good Neighbor Night". This is a new reward they are offering players in which the person who is sitting on the immediate right and left of the winning bingo player will receive $5 dollars each.

Another event that ACCA prepared is called "Lucky Number Night". The procedure is that at the beginning of the regular game, two player's names will be drawn by the game officials. The person selected will pick a number from numbers 1-75 and that number will stand as their lucky number for the games. Every time that the number they picked is called, they will receive $5 dollars. The player can win as much as $50 dollars over the course of the evnings games.

Powerball is also being offered. The Powerball number one will start at $439 dollars and the succeeeding number after one will start at $216 dollars. The number two jackpot will be at $270 dollars in 50 numbers.

ACCA's main goal is to make each bingo playing night a special one, rnsuring that it is fun for everyone and offering a large pool of prizes for players.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Karen Jacobs

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