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Ryanair and Come Together to Bring Passengers Online Bingo

What do you do when waiting for your flight? Instead of being bored out of your wits while waiting, you can try playing online bingo. British based online bingo site, has forged a partnership with Ryanair with the intent of offering passengers the chance to play bingo while booking their flight.

The partnership will open a new source of income for the Irish based Ryanair aside from their usual ticket sales. According to Ryanair, their agreement with will give their passengers the chance to play bingo while at the same time book their flights, rent their car and choose a hotel to stay in. Ryanair has not disclosed the financial aspect of their deal with nor the effect on their business.

Ryanair's sales and services regarding their in-flight services, hotel reservations and car rentals are the key factors in their continued growth as a company. They also believe that their ancillary revenues will one day be enough to offer their passengers free rides. These kinds of businesses have generated over Euro 259.2 million (GBP173 million) in annual turnover by the end of March this year, which is about equivalent to 15.3% of Ryanair's total revenues of 1.69 billion Euros.

Just last June, Ryanair said that they are optimistic that their ancillary revenues will grow faster than their flight sales in the current fiscal year and it is close to closing on agreements that will enable them to offer their customers new features like online gambling and mobile phone service while their customers are at flight.

Ryanair also closed an agreement with OnAir back in August to fit their airplanes with the equipment so that their customers could use their phones while they are on board Ryanair flights. These users will be charged by the providers on their monthly bills and in turn, Ryanair will receive a percentage from OnAir for their earnings from the customers.


Sunday, July 01, 2007
Steve Bowen

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