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Robbers Steal Bingo Profits From the Our Lady of Czestochowa Church

It is sad to think that even religious places are no longer respected. The Our Lady of Czestochawa Church's bingo game was robbed on Sunday, November 19, 2006 by 2 thugs from Jersey City who took the church's $6,000 worth of bingo profits. According to Police Inspector, Kenneth Teschlog, the person in charge of setting up the tables in the bingo hall collapsed in fright after the thugs pointed their guns at her, but they still dragged her off the floor to show them where the money was kept.

Jim Goodness, the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, said that they are praying that the people who have been victimized by this incident will quickly recover from the traumatic experience that they have suffered. They are pleased that the authorities are doing everything that they can to bring closure to this incident. According to authorities, there were already players in the Church Grammar School located at Luis Munoz Marin Boulevard and Grand Street, when a church volunteer saw the 2 thugs approaching their area. She immediately ran back to the school, but she was followed by the robbers and then collapsed.

After her collapse, she was forced to give the money to the two robbers and then the pair escaped through Grand Street to Van Vorst Street. The victim immediately called the police, who took the description of the suspects and a third man who acted as the look-out, as well as the description of the getaway vehicle and its plate number. The police officers then found the car on Bright Street. While keeping the area under surveillance, authorities were able to spot one of the suspected robbers, Ortiz, getting into the car with another woman who was identified as 19 year-old Rosanna Batista, a resident of Christopher Columbus Drive.

Authorities stopped the car because Ortiz matched the description of the robber. The woman did not want to stop at first, but when she did, police found 2 guns and the money still in bundles, like the ones stolen at the bingo hall. Authorities were then able to get information on the other suspected robber, Morales. Surprisingly enough, Morales turned up at the police precinct to check on his friend Ortiz. Authorities are still combing the area for the third suspect.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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