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New Jersey retries online gambling legalization

New Jersey has lost the chance to be the first American state to legalize online gambling when Governor Chris Christie voted the bill passed by  the Senate and the Assembly. However New Jersey still has its chance since no other state has achieved this goal.

Senator Ray Lesniak intends to pass a bill to the Legislature on Governor Chris Christie's desk next week, taking advantage of the change of policy from DoJ which states that intrastate online gambling does not violate the bill.

Lesniak's bill in August 2011 addressed to Governor Christie specified a fine of $1,000 per player per day for any illegal online gambling activities and $10,000 for advertising on these activities. Players must be New Jersey residents with age of at least 21 years.

The bill also makes refers to the fees paid by subsidies and online gambling licensees to horse racing, the taxes paid by online casinos for slot machines and the tax on online gambling revenues.

Lesniak intends to get the bill approved by the Senate and Assembly on January 9.

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