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McClain Pleads Guilty in Bingo Tournament Skimming

Earl McClain, one of eight people accused of skimming money from bingo tournaments, has pled guilty in a Boyd County Court in Cattlesburg, Kentucky in exchange for a lesser sentence.

McClain of Ashland, 63 years old, pleaded guilty to the charge of one count of diversion of gaming funds allocated for charity. The crime carries a punishment of 5 years in jail time.

Attorney Clifford Duvall of Greenup County recommended at least a one-year sentence but has made it clear that if a probation would be given to the defendant, he would not oppose it.

The second charge against Earl Gene McClain was dismissed because the accused agreed to become a witness against his co-defendants on the case and for his help to the investigators of the state-run charitable gaming. In pleading guilty on his case, Earl Gene McClain also agreed to pay $10,000 to the victims via the charity.


Thursday, October 19, 2006
Danny Hudson

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