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Jackpot Prize Of $5,000 For Cow Pie Bingo Winner

Generally, we all know that dairy cows are the source of milk in many homes on a regular basis. They also produce pie, but not the apple or cherry kind. For almost four years now, the Middletown Reformed Church has organized a Cow Pie Bingo event, a fundraiser where the winner can take home as much as $5,000 dollars in winnings.

The whole event is slated for September 23, 2006 at the Potter's farm situated on the Red Hill Road at the intersection of the Garden State Parkway exit 114. For people who are not familiar with the event and are hearing it for the first time, a total of 500 tickets will be sold for the event with each ticket holder entitled to a box that is one square foot in size. The tickets will be drawn randomly and the assigned spaces on the "bingo board" in the field that is painted into the pasture. The cow "in-charge" of the whole event is led then to the field and wherever the cow laid the "pie" the owner of that square would be the winner.

The idea for this type of fundraiser was thought of years ago. The pastor of the Middletown Reformed Church, Scott Harris said that one of their church members thought of the idea when they were vacationing in Pennsylvania. They have checked it out on the Web and then decided to do it. The tickets are sold at $20 dollars each and Pastor Harris recommends that those who want to join the event sign-up as soon as possible. Because by Monday afternoon, Pastor Harris estimated that there would be only 100 tickets left.

He added that with each year, more people are looking for extra tickets as the event draws near and Pastor Harris has to give them the bad news that all of them are almost sold-out. Just last year, it took about 20 minutes for the cow to dropped the winning pie, which is the longest time in the event's history. Pastor Harris said that they try to give the cow plenty of oats a week before the event so that she will do her job well.

In the event that the cow pie land on the border of two boxes, the box that has the most pie in it will win the cash prize. But if it is too close, the winnings will be split between the two winners. The other $5,000 dollars will go to the church. With such a unique and sometimes even weird event, it naturally comes under close scrutiny even with the members of the church, Pastor Harris said that some members come up to him and asked if they are really serious about doing this event. In his opinion, they can raise money but at the same time have fun doing it.


Sunday, December 23, 2007
Donna Regan

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