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Burnley Landscape Gardener Wins Jackpot at Gala Bingo

On Thursday, December 28, 2006, a gardener living in Burnley won a staggering 53,000 pounds just a few days after Christmas. The 38 year-old winner is now planning a vacation to Australia to visit his family which he hasn't seen in years. He also plans to share his winnings with his wife and the 2 friends he playsbingo games with regularly, every week at the Gala Bingo Hall located on Centenary Way, Burnley. The lucky winner, who has been playing bingo for almost 20 years, commented that some of his winnings will also be put in the bank to secure the future of his family.

The winner, who wishes to remain unknown for security reasons, hit the National Bingo Game Jackpot Prize of 50,000 pounds, along with the regional prize of 3,029 pounds and the Gala Bingo Hall house prize of 229 pounds. He completed the bingo full house with the number 59, in just 43 number calls, the lowest call in all of Gala Bingo's 500 Clubs across the nation.

The winner said that he had a good feeling about his card because he was crossing the numbers out as fast as he could. Nevertheless, he did not expect to win the grand prize, he only thought that he would win the regional prize. Stan Kennedy, General Manager of the Gala Bingo Hall located in Burnley, commented that this win is great news and it is gratifying to see a lot of their regulars in the area win large amounts of cash, especially this big, because it could really change their lives.


Sunday, January 21, 2007
Donna Regan

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