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Bingo Card Generator

Bingo was once a game that was restricted to small gatherings and other venues. This was not because it was unpopular or unknown. It was because the cards themselves were all made by hand or by small printing press, and not all of them were different. For this reason, it was as though it would be impossible to see all the games that could be played, since it was all done by hand. When the bingo cards began to be mass marketed, then the toy company that was making them hired a college mathematician to make them many, many bingo cards. He did this, but at the price of his own sanity. He was later sent to an insane asylum until the rest of his days.

That was then. However, in today's world, where more people than ever play bingo all around the world, it would be impossible to rely on the bingo cards that were made years ago. For this reason, an invention that changed the bingo world forever was the random number generator, or bingo card generator. This wondrous machine can come up with all kinds of numbers within a few minutes only. In this way, you can spend little time finding more combinations of the bingo numbers, and more time playing!

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