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Bigelow Aerospace Center to Launch Space Bingo Game on New Genesis II Module

On December 13, 2006, officials at the Bigelow Aerospace Center located in Las Vegas, Nevada, have been preoccupied with having a great time, putting payloads into the new Genesis II module that are being fixed for takeoff into the orbit of the Earth early next year. Maijinn Chen of the Payload Development and Integration Department at the Bigelow Aerospace commented that the Genesis II will contain a "BioBox" or a 3 chamber piece of equipment that holds cockroaches, scorpions and ants. This group of insects will all share the same air as they travel together in space under the watchful eye of the cameras that are carefully positioned inside the craft to monitor the habitat.

According to Chen, aside from the animals, a high-roller innovation will also be flown up. In addition, the Genesis II spacecraft will also bring along "the space bingo game". A set of 40 bingo balls will be carried on board the ship, along with a game reset as on-board fans blow the balls back into the mixing room via a set of the opened doors to the internal expandable structure.

Upon a command from mission control, the computers aboard Genesis II will run the components and the control of the bingo games, as well as the stored video pictures of the bingo games until the ground controllers from the mission control office are prepared to download them with the use of satellite-to-ground communications systems. People may start betting on the "first ever space casino" in the near future.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Karen Jacobs

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